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Mini Games Event #5 - Team Deathmatch

Posted by Backy on 2018-03-17T06:31:23+00:00

Hey guys,

This weekend we will have an event focused around Team Deathmatch, as suggested by Bluedog!

- What maps do we have in store for you this weekend? Check it out:
(click the link to download the map)


Event Details:
- Kill each other and have some fun
- No Mech allowed on mg_tankbase_v4 as requested by the event suggestion

- The event is on Saturday, the 17th of March @9:00 pm GMT. Next event we may try the earlier time of 6:00pm GMT, but for this weekend we are sticking to the usual time. This event should last at least ~3 hours. We will try to keep the event moving along smoothly. We will play each map at least a few rounds or a minimum of 15-20 minutes, and when people start getting tired of the map we can 'rtv' and move on to the next one.
(click the link to check the current time in GMT)

There are no rewards planned for this event at this time. If we find a consistent and fair way to reward the top performing players, we may just to do so.

I hope to see you all at the event! This should be a nice change from the last event which was more based on individual movement skill and a little bit of teamwork to overcome challenging obstacles and traps.

Note: We are in the process of rewarding the players from the last event. Sorry for the delay, but do not worry, you WILL get your full rewards if you earned anything at the last event ;)

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ZE Event #79 -- The Waki Baki Sonaki Event

Posted by Vanya on 2018-03-10T07:53:08+00:00

As concluded in this tie-breaker vote, for our next event we will be playing the Waki Baki Sonaki Event as suggested by Backy!

Protip, this ain't gonna be nothing but lazers.

For this weekend's event, Backy has propsed all of the Final Fantasy maps we know and are aware of, but with a special twist to them, we're gonna be playing them with the server settings from the Korean server, Sonaki.

What does this mean?
No rebuys (weapon and armor, but multiple grenade rebuys are allowed), no jump boost, fall damage, limited ammo (2000 per weapon), knockback reduced and Pushnades on (not failnades), sounds easy eh? Well, Zombies on the other hand will get slightly more speed, starter zombies will be slightly faster, they will have less knockback on bullet damage and will have an extra jump boost to make it harder for humans to hold them.

The maps we will be playing are these, in this order:

  • ZE_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_V6_B08
  • ze_FFXII_Westersand_v8zeta1
  • ze_FFXII_Paramina_Rift_v1_4
  • ze_ffvii_cosmo_canyon_v5fix
  • ze_FFXII_Feywood_b3_1

Day and time of the event: Saturday - March 10th @ 9pm GMT-0

TIP: To figure out at which time the event is for you, check this website (which is in GMT time) and compare it to your own time!

Server IP:

Map Downloads:
Click on the name of the maps to download them:

TIP: To install the maps, open up the file or files you downloaded and extract the .bsp into your download/maps directory, which is generally located in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\download\maps

You know you are in the right place if you see other .bsp files with the same name as other maps you have downloaded

Rewards: Winners of 3 maps will get a week of V.I.P.
Winners of all maps get 2 weeks of V.I.P.

Special Kickers:
Sonaki settings, which mean:

  • 1.0 jump
  • Fall damage
  • 150 air accel
  • bhop off
  • OP mother zombie (slight speed and good jump height)
  • Ammo limited to 2k
  • Knock-back reduced a good bit
  • No rebuys except for multiple nades for $6k each
  • Push grenades

Duration of the event: About 4-5 hours should be enough for us to wear out, if players wish to extend more then more time will be added to this limit


  • Absolutely no griefing of any kind, offenders will be punished accordingly for the duration of the event at least (Punishments may be longer depending on the offense).
  • Voice chat should be mostly relevant to the game, do not disrupt the leadership.
  • Do not sit in the spectator team or you will be kicked. Only ACTIVE admins may spectate.
  • General server rules apply which are found here


  • Anyone willing to put up with it.

See you on Saturday ,have fun!

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Mini Games Event #4 - The Course Crusade

Posted by Backy on 2018-03-03T08:48:23+00:00

Hey guys,

This weekend we will have an event focused around course maps! 2 weekends ago we had a more silly event based around having fun and killing each other, so now we thought it would be nice to switch it up and have something a little more challenging.

- What maps do we have in store for you this weekend? We have followed the suggestions from Bluedog and Shinigami and tried to combine them into one event:
(click the link to download the map)


Event Details:
- Just some classic course maps and of course we finish it all off with the infamous 'rota derp'. On some you work together and on some you just try to show who's the best at dodging traps! We will try to give most players a chance to complete the maps, but please note that we cannot wait forever. This is a competition to see who is the fastest or most experienced. Although we do hope that those of you who are experts at the maps can teach the ones who don't know them so well after you complete them.

- The event is on Saturday, the 3rd of March @9:00 pm GMT. The event should last at least 2-3 hours. We will try to keep the event moving along smoothly. The amount of people that we wait on to complete certain maps (or if we even complete them at all) will largely define the time spent per map.
(click the link to check the current time in GMT)

There will be rewards for this event, but they will be flexible. For the shorter or easier maps we may only reward the first 5 or so who complete the map with a couple days of VIP. For the longer or harder maps, we may decide to reward more depending on how the event plays out and the effort put in by the participants. Overall expect some decent rewards if you are willing to stay the whole event and have some MG experience.
(Remember that VIP on our community including from rewards applies to all of our servers.)

I hope to see a lot of you at the event. It should be a nice change of pace and prove a bit of a challenge for most players. Let's see who the trap and course connoisseurs really are ;)

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Server due on: 12 April

Total 3976.51 € | -1523.06 €