Welcome to the GFLClan.ru Zombie Escape Server!

 Useful commands

  • connect ze.gflclan.ru : Type this in the console to connect to the server with your reserved slot (Tier 1 donators or higher).
★You can replace '!' with '/' to make your commands silent so others won't see them (e.g. , "/admins").
  • !ztele : Teleport back to the current spawn area if you're stuck.
  • !zspawn : Spawn into the game if you joined late.
  • !zmarket : Buy weapons mid-round and customize your spawn loadout.
  • !zclass : Change your human or zombie skin. Skins are cosmetic only (no advantages).
  • !admins : View the current list of online admins; ignore "torchlight."
  • !report <name> <reason> : Report a player for the reason specified. Abusing this command will result in a ban.
  • !sm <name> : Self-mute a player. This will block their voice chat, text chat, and radio.
  • !su <name> : Self-unmute a player.
  • !vip : View your current donator/member status.
  • !glow : Change your skin color (Tier 2 donators or higher).
  • !tag(s) : Customize your chat tag and colors (Tier 3 donators or higher).
  • !stopsound : Toggle weapon sounds.
  • !shake : Toggle screen shaking from explosions or similar events.
  • !hud : Toggle displaying the list of alive item holders.
  • !votedisable : Disable TorchTV, requires 5 votes.
  • !toggleimmunity : Toggle mother zombie protection for top defenders.

 Basic Rules

Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment.

  • Voice chat is reserved for English only. Other languages may be occasionally used through text.
  • No excessive racism and/or defamation.
  • Do not spam the voice or text chat.
  • Do not impersonate admins.
  • Do not use shocking, disgusting, hardcore, sprays featuring genitalia or anything illegal. Your privilege to use sprays may be removed. Your spray may be blacklisted without warning.
  • Do not use hacks and/or bhop scripts.
  • Do not encourage or explain a map exploit to other players, and of course, don't exploit yourself.
  • Do not become a zombie on purpose (also known as "zombie inflating").
  • Do not team-kill. This includes (but is not limited to): using items to hurt other teammates, knifing zombies towards other humans, and "edging" (standing in a vulnerable area and being infected by a zombie).

 Minor Rules

Actions that are frowned upon but not punishable with a ban. They will be enforced differently by admins, but they negatively impact the server in most cases. You may be warned, punished in a lesser way in-game, or kicked.

  • Delaying rounds.
  • Refusing to contribute to a boss fight (e.g. , not shooting).
  • Using hyperscroll to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Picking on people. Human beings make mistakes, so please don't spend time explaining how bad they are; instead, tell them what went wrong and what they can do to improve.
  • Voicechangers, they are very annoying.
  • Do not abuse the nomination system (e.g. intentionally changing your nomination in the last moments before the vote starts to block a map from being nominated).
  • Teaming up with the opposite team to farm points is not allowed. If you are caught teaming, your rank will be invalidated.

 Reports and ban appeals

Reports can be submitted from within the server using the !report command (refer to the commands section). Alternatively, you can submit reports and ban appeals on our website in the following sections:

 Donator Bonuses

Donators are broken down into 3 tiers. Each tier costs "itself" in Euros per month. So Tier 1 is 1€, Tier 2 is 2€, Tier 3 is 3€. The bonuses for each tier are as follows:

★If unsure of how to access your bonuses, please visit the 'commands' section!

Tier 1 (1€):

  • Reserved slot
  • [Donator] tag

Tier 2 (2€):

  • Reserved slot
  • [Donator] tag
  • Glowcolors
  • Custom skins

Tier 3 (3€):

  • Reserved slot
  • Custom tag and chat colors
  • Glowcolors
  • More custom skins